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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

May 26, 2021

Had a great zoom sit-down with Matt Hawkes the CEO and Designer behind the Railtrainer Fitness. An idea and product he has been partially developing and sitting on since 2011. In 2020 as a result of the Pandemic, Matt lost his job and dived into turning the Railtrainer into a reality. 

He talks about those early stages,...

May 13, 2021

It has been 10 months back in New Zealand for Zoe, and it was great to catch up with her and have a good chat about adjusting back into the NZ lifestyle, contentment, Art and Hunting.

Not your everyday subject matter, but thats what this is all about. Zoe loves being back in NZ, she has an amazing talent for art and is...

May 4, 2021

Had a great time catching up with Joe Gray, garage gym connoisseur, powerlifter, all round good dude and the curator behind the Garage Gym Competition.

As is typical with most of the yarns I have, we split the time between, life, lifting, training and it is in this space that you discover how similar our philosophies...