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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

Finally, got the opportunity to catch up with the champion, Guy Wills. He is an Alcohol Recovery Facilitator, curator of Right Mate NZ on instagram and a reels creator with humour and value!

I appreciated Guy, sharing his journey being a lad on the lash, living a 4 day weekend of alcohol and drugs, being the party clown who lived for the next hit on the tiles. 

His decision to acknowledge that something had to change and that change came shifting from the UK to NZ 4 years ago, while not all smooth sailing for Guy, he has established a willingness to share his insights, to help and work with others who are dependent on alcohol and as Guy states clearly, Alcohol is a gateway drug.

It was a fantastic chat as we discussed the framing of alcohol as being sexy and socially acceptable; mental health and fitness; establishing a routine; and being open and honest about who you are, recognising triggers and working towards a better version of who you are. 

Guy is available via Right Mate NZ on Instagram. Reach out if you ever need a yarn for great insight and support.

Thank you Guy for doing what you are doing and for being available to help others.


Alcohol and Drug helpline : 

Nz : 0800 787 797

Au: 1800 250 015


Peace & Love

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