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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

May 9, 2022

Welcome to the one-hundredth episode!

I had considered doing this by myself but that would have been a very short episode, so I enticed my good friend Tamati Norman to join me and he proceeded to take control for this episode and flipped the script, putting me on the other end of the mic. It was fantastic to share this time with him as he was the first person we had on way back in April 2020 just as NZ had entered into its first Covid lockdown…it was a rough first session and we have come forward greatly since then.

In no particular order we discussed a multitude of things, which have shaped me to whom I am today. The ups and the downs, changes that have occurred, lessons learnt…we start way back when I grew up in a small fishing town, Bluff! A proper small town kid, whom eventually made it to Otago to study and play rugby; the grief and trauma of my career ending abruptly and the 6-8 years of darkness that engulfed me as I struggled with the loss of identity and the sadness of never being able to play rugby again…but during this time I shared some goodness too, like becoming the U20 national 4 x 400m champion’s against all the big money teams….who would of guessed that Southland would have 4 young men dominating the 400m scene in NZ…no-body!

I shared the background behind Garage Gym NZ, my philosophy on passion and dedication how they are equal and neither can be better alone you need both to thrive….Tamati also got me yarning about coaching young men in rugby and teams within the corporate space - the impact of growing others and leaving a legacy piece for leadership growth and internal transition. 

We also discussed my family and the incredible positive impact my 2 daughters and my amazing wife have had on my life. I owe them everything.

So much more to add, but listening to this should give everyone a sense of who I am, why I love the garage gym scene, mindset, lessons recieved and the impact I am hoping to have on Mens Mental Fitness 

Finally, thank you to all of you whom have shared parts of your life me and others. I am forever grateful for your kindness and openness to share and engage. Without you all this wouldn’t have got to 100 episodes. It has given me  greater insight and understanding…it has also given me invaluable friendships that I cherish and truly do appreciate.

Live life with fearless compassion.

Enjoy team. Peace and much love.