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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

May 23, 2022

Connection, Thrive and Passion....Chaz Clarke shares the mic with us to discuss this and a lot in between. It has been a hot minute since we last spoke and it was great to hear what he has been up to and where he is heading. 

He lives life at a hundy...opens a Crossfit gym in 3 weeks, owner operator for 5 years, sells the Crossfit gym during COVID, sells his house, buys a new house, starts another degree majoring in Design, commits to doing a number of endurance events for social causes dear to his heart and then Chaz tells a great story about running a marathon around the streets in Tauranga; after doing a morning workout and completing a presentation at Uni; just because he wanted to and all fuelled by a banana, one Powerade and one gritty mindset!

Chaz's energy levels are high, but his work ethic is phenomenal he knows what he wants and goes for it...but underpinning this is having  a passion for whatever you are pursuing.

Also touched on the next phase in his life, which is completing his Degree in Design and pursing a career in the creative space around Brand Performance or as we described it Brand Renovation! He will be a guru in this space, 100%.

And finally, Chaz has one of the dopest Garage Gym's in New Zealand...has all the bells and whistles and has an amazing mural by Ashin @ushy_ushy 

Chaz trains like a weapon, pursues his passions, thrive’s in multiple settings, and is passionate about what are truely important to him - family, friends and living life as a good human citizen. He is truely connected.



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