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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

May 31, 2022

The power of social media and the ability to connect with like minded soul's is evident when we shared the mic with Curtis Weeks. A Mental Performance Coach, Author, Ex Royal New Zealand Navy and advocate for straight up honest chat with love.

Curtis has an awesome story, one that he owns, all the ups and the downs that have imprinted amazing qualities upon him. He shares his early life and how he navigated racism and bullying growing up, and how he joined the Navy, which came down to his love for water but also realising that he had a choice - end up in prison or join the navy!

Curtis freely talks about his time in the Navy and the lessons he learnt about leadership but also about how to build and apply a strong mind set.

His transition into becoming a Mental Performance Coach and the impact he has had on his clients - CEO's, business owners, Professional athletes and weekend warriors 

So much more was blended into this pod. A straight up raw sophisticated conversation with someone I am incredibly grateful and blessed to call a damn awesome human with a massive heart. Thank you for sharing brother.

You can follow Curtis here

Insta: curtisweeks_me

Book: From WHY ME? to TRY ME



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