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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

Aug 20, 2022

What a great yarn with the brother Justin Amor, the curator behind Just Wild NZ and an absolute savage of a human being as well. If you ever wanted to hear an organic, truthful, insightful and at times straight up the guts yarn then jump into this where Justin shares a-lot of his life's lesson's and the wisdom he has gathered over the years of doing the hard grind.

We hit it hard on our beliefs around training, grit and pain, our philosophies and what drives us. Justin also shares insight on Season 2 of Just Wild NZ and what he has taken from it; which has been a more emotional and spiritual undertaking this time around.

We cross into Education, personal strengths and weaknesses, family, challenges and obstacle adjustment. All of which are linked into the mindset we design for ourselves. Our spark is in our head, our fight is in our soul, our grit is born in our heart and our resilience and toughness is for our families...its a fantastic yarn, it is long and deep, but incredibly rewarding and valuable for me and hopefully for you all. 

Thank you Justin for sharing so much of you. Follow him on Instagram and YouTube. Links are below.

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