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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

Mar 3, 2022

We have another great sit down with Zane Munro, the curator behind For All The Brothers - a platform for men to be inspired by others but also an opportunity for many to share the mental health journey they are on. 

We talk about the nuances of life and the pressure that is applied upon us and how it is so impactful, especially when - finances, relationships, children and work - are involved and how we need to embrace simple tools to release the pressure.

Zane shares his insights on the phenomenal high suicide rate in the Trades Industry among men (1 male a week)....staggering statistic, which when asks the question - How many are really struggling? 

As always, Zane is fully committed to bringing the conversation of Mens Mental Health to the fore, to embrace real conversations and to break-down the barrier of 'not showing your emotions', but share your fear, your hurt and open yourself up, be heard and heal.

Hope this resonates with you. We are here to hear from you all. Much love.

Stefan & Zane 

Insta: @ForAllTheBrothers