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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

Mar 18, 2022

Rob Holah of Industrial Athletic shared the mic with us, and what a pleasure to have a yarn with him. An absolute legend in the fitness industry over the last decade or more. From being a Fireman to owning and supplying some of the finest fitness equipment you can get in NZ.

He shares where it all started...sourcing fitness equipment for his mates and fast forwarding to outfitting Crossfit boxes, Commercial Gyms, Schools, Professional sports teams and Home Gym owners all across New Zealand.

Rob shares his incredible knowledge on Barbells, Kettlebells and cardio pieces..a special episode going into the manufacturing of equipment is a must in the future...we also had a good yarn around our own training - Josh Bridges; and doing Inception and The Hopper Deck...IYKYK!...and other doozy stuff too.

Rob also drops a few of NZ's CrossFit legends and shot putter into the mix as well!

Loved this conversation, his knowledge, passion and chillness is amazing. So much more to be shared, a second round with Rob will be done.

Thank you Amber for giving him up for a few hours.

Enjoy team. Much love to all.