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Everyday with Garage Gym NZ Podcast

Mar 31, 2022

Finally, nailed Cambell Te Paa down for a decent yarn about a lot of good-stuff he has done and he is continuing to do, for himself but for so many others in the community.

We flow into his invaluable insight on education and recruiting students to attend University, he shares his own upbringing and the importance of education his parents implored on himself and his 2 brothers and he how has applied that in his role. 

Also good banter around training, the importance of strengthening your physical and mental soul, but also sharing and supporting others. He also endorses doing a marathon row, once in your life!

Cam, shares his journey to becoming a helicopter pilot and the lessons learnt along the way - resilience, self-determination and the pursuit of happiness in learning and achieving. 

In-between all of this he has travelled, lived, worked, studied and started a business before he turned 27! 

He isn't chasing happiness highs; he finds happiness in experiences and being fearless in his ability to learn and achieve without regret.

A wise head on young shoulders.

Enjoy team. Much love.